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    CO2-Controller 2000 cellVivo design

    CO2-Controller 2000 cell vivo design


    • The CO2-Controller 2000 cellVivo design has been developed for the generation of a defined CO2-concentration and a subsequent pressure-less supply of closed chambers with a low volume (“incubators”) via the gassing principle “small gas flows”.
    • With this control unit, the percentage of CO2 in relation to the concentration in the ambient air can be increased.
    • In order to increase the CO2 amount, CO2 coming from a CO2 gas cylinder is added to the ambient air.
    • A built-in CO2 sensor permanently measures the CO2 concentration of the effluent gas mix and reports the value to the control unit. This control unit operates a proportional valve and regulates the amount of CO2 which is added to the air flow.
    • A pump (controlled by the control unit) pumps in ambient air into the combined metering chamber of the gas measuring sensors in addition to the controlled gas inflow of CO2.
    • Recommended range for the CO2 setpoint value from 0.0 Vol-% up to 20.0 Vol-%.
    • Resolution of the CO2 display: 0.1 Vol-%
    • Resolution of the internal CO2 loop control: 0.01 Vol-%
    • The communication with a windows PC is carried out via the USB connection. This permits an easy updating of the firmware.


    • none


    • Electrical Units of the Series 2000 cellVivo design
    • Small incubators
    • Heating Inserts and Cooling/Heating Inserts with a CO2-Cover (inside large chamber incubators)
    • Heatable Universal Mounting Frames with a CO2-Cover (inside large chamber incubators)


    Application Examples