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    Cooling/Heating Insert P

    Cooling Heating Insert P


      • Solid cooling and heating element made of one piece of aluminium with uniform heat distribution and a high thermal conductivity.
      • Best solution for the work with high magnification, precise positioning, LSM applications and live cell imaging. Specimens are firmly seated in the Cooling/Heating Insert P.
      • Especially for the use with Petri dishes (“35” and “60”) and the POC-R Cell Cultivation System. An adapter ring with Allen screws accommodates different “35” Petri dishes. A spring clip for size “60” Petri dishes is provided.
      • An oval observation opening (32 x 30 mm) ensures both access to the objectives and maximum heat transfer. Due to mechanical reasons the Cooling/Heating Insert P has no lateral ducts for the installation of perfusion tubes.
      • Recommended for electrophysiological experiments because no disturbing switching pulses are emitted.
      • The insert can be levelled in the stage by 4 screws.
      • The supplied red insert is used to close the observation opening when no cultivation vessel is inserted to maintain environmental conditions during incubation.
      • The tubes (1 m and 2 m) can be connected with self sealing couplings. The temperature range depends on the circulating water or other liquids and is regulated at the circulator.

    Please also check the Cooling/Heating Insert P Lab-Tek.


    • Heating-Cooling Circulator (e.g. Lauda RE 106)


    • Inverse microscope with mechanical stage or scanning stage

    Cell cultivation vessels

    • Petri dish 60mm
    • Petri dish 35mm (with supplied adapter)
    • POC-R cell cultivation system
    • POCmini cell cultivation system
    • Lab-Tek™ (Nunc®) and chambered slides (BD Falcon™)
    • Microscope slides

    Application Examples