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    Heating Insert P S

    Heating Insert P S


      • The Heating Insert P S is designed for the stable heating of cell cultivation systems.
      • Suitable for scanning and mechanical stages with a cut-out of 160 x 110 on inverted microscopes.
      • Due to a high temperature constancy and thermal conductivity, the insert is especially suited for laser scanning microscopy (LSM).
      • For the control of temperature, the TempModule S is necessary.
      • The oval observation area has a diameter of 32 x 30 mm and can be closed with a coverslip.
      • For cell cultivation, the Cell Cultivation Systems POC R or POC-R2 as well as Petri dishes (“35” and “60”) can be used. An adapter ring with Allen screws accommodates different “35” Petri dishes. Tubes for perfusion applications can be laterally routed through openings or inserted into channels. The medium in the tubes is heated in the channel before it enters the cell cultivation chamber.
      • The supplied red insert is used to close the observation opening when no cultivation vessel is inserted to maintain environmental conditions during incubation.
      • An acrylic glass cover with a central glass insert (DIC) is supplied.
      • The alignment of the Heating Insert to the optical axis can be adjusted with four screws.
      • A self-resetting over-temperature switch ensures maximum operational safety.

    Please also check the Heating Insert P Lab-Tek S.



    • Zeiss Axio Observer with mechanical stage or scanning stage
    • Incubator PM 2000 RBT
    • Incubator PM LS S
    • CO2-Cover PM S
    • CO2-Cover HP-MG L

    Cell cultivation vessels

    • Petri dish 60mm
    • Petri dish 35mm (with supplied adapter)
    • POC-R Cell Cultivation System
    • POCmini Cell Cultivation System

    The following cultivation vessels cannot be fixed and fully observed. For these, the Heating Insert P Lab-Tek™ S is better suited:

    • Lab-Tek™ (Nunc®) and chambered slides (BD Falcon™)
    • Microscope slides

    Application Examples