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    Setup K

    Setup K


    • The Setup K has been developed for perfusion applications in combination with the Universal Mounting Frame KP-Set, the Universal Mounting Frame KP-Set lockable, or the Universal Mounting Frame K100protected-Set. It fits into the cut-outs (160 x 110 mm) of scanning or mechanical stages on inverted microscopes.
    • Perfusion tubes and thin cables can be easily led into the interior of the Setup K through
      six silicone sealed openings.
    • Depending on the exchangeable base plate, various cell cultivation vessels (Petri dishes, POC-R cell cultivation systems, object slides, Lab-TekTM chambers, Terasaki plates, Ibidi chambers etc.) can be used in each of the Universal Mounting Frame Sets mentioned above.
    • If a specific pH-value should be reached in the media, this can be achieved by a controlled CO2-feeding by using the CO2-Cover HP-MG together with one of the Universal Mounting Frame Sets.


    • Inverted microscope with mechanical stage or scanning stage (opening 160×110 mm)


    Cell cultivation vessels:
    Depending on the exchangeable base plate of the Universal Mounting Frame Set, various cell cultivation vessels can be used:

    • Petri dishes
    • POC-R cell cultivation systems
    • Object slides
    • Lab-TekTM chambers
    • Terasaki plates
    • Ibidi chambers

    Optional: CO2-Incubation:
    The Setup K together with a Universal Mounting Frame Set is compatible to the CO2-Cover HP-MG. In combination with the CO2 control unit, the pH-value in the medium can be kept at an optimal level.
    Setup K - CO2-Incubation