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    Heatable Universal Mounting Frame K Series S

    Universal Mounting Frame K Series S


    • Flexible Mounting Frame with easy installation for the fixation and heating of various cell cultivation vessels on the scanning or mechanical stage with a rectangular opening of 160 x 110 mm.
    • KH S: Circular (Ø 30 mm) and rectangular (30 x 10 mm) observation area.
    • KH-L S: Rectangular (47 x 21 mm) observation area, especially for the Lab-Tek-chamber (Nunc), chambered slides (Falcon®) and normal slides.
    • KH-R S: Circular (Ø 30 mm) observation area, especially for Petri dishes (60 and 35).
    • The cell cultivation system can be clamped and freely positioned on the heated aluminium base plate by two freely moveable clamping bridges.
    • The base plate (aluminium – printed board) is directly heated from below.
    • For electric power supply and regulation, the TempModule S is necessary.
    • When using the frame together with the CO2-Cover KH or CO2-Cover Micromanipulation K S for CO2-incubation inside a large incubator, the non-used opening has to be covered with tape to prevent a loss of CO2
    • Cost efficient solution for specimen heating.



    • Zeiss Axio Observer with mechanical stage or scanning stage

    Cell cultivation vessels:

    • Petri dish 60mm
    • Petri dish 35mm
    • POC-R + POC-R2 Cell Cultivation System
    • POCmini Cell Cultivation System
    • Lab-Tek™ (Nunc®) and chambered slides (BD Falcon™)
    • Microscope slides

    Application Examples