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    Y-Module S

    Y-Module S


    • The Y-Module S is designed for the connection of one temperable device with Pt100 sensor (e.g. Temperable Insert P S) to two Julabo F25-ME Refrigerated/Heating Circulators with different bath temperatures to achieve a fast temperature change.
    • The fast temperature change is obtained by switching the bath fluid circuit through the temperable device from one circulator to the other.
    • With external control setup of the Julabo F25-ME circulators, the actual temperature of the temperable device can be controlled, eliminating temperature offsets originating from the tubing.
    • All tube connections are self-sealing, thus preventing bath fluid leakage when the tubes are disconnected.
    • The module is operated exclusively with an external user interface (e.g. PC-Software Zeiss Axiovision 4.6 or higher or TFT display at the microscope) and has no display or input panel.
    • The two Julabo F25-ME circulators can be fully controlled with the external user interface. The Y-Module S converts the CAN commands to the two RS232 ports.
    • Communication with the external control unit is carried out via CAN (microscope or TempModule S). An optional USB/CAN converter box from Carl Zeiss allows a direct connection to a PC.


    • Julabo F25-ME


    • TempModule S
    • Temperable Insert P S
    • Temperable Insert P Lab-Tek S
    • Temperable Objective Ring

    Application Examples