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HEPA Filter

June 19, 2012

Reduced germinal contamination
The temperature control inside the incubator in the PeCon incubation system is effected by means of a regulated air flow. The germinal contamination in the interior of the incubator is reduced by a slight overpressure. At the same time, the ambient air is sucked in by the Heating Unit through a particulate filter, is heated up and fed into the incubator via a tube.

Eliminate germinal contamination
Due to a filter unit with a HEPA sterile filter, the germinal contamination inside the incubator can almost be eliminated. In combination with the Heating Unit, 99.99% of the germs are held back. Consequently, there are similar working conditions inside the incubator as there are at a sterile laminar airflow bench. The air velocity is not affected by the larger dimension of the filter surface (HEPA) with a particulate pre-filter compared to the previous filter.